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How Beeline helped a travel marketplace avoid costly compliance risks

February 5, 2024

One of the world’s largest digital travel marketplaces depends on an external workforce of contingent workers, independent contractors, and outsourced service providers in up to 65 countries who perform both short- and long-term project work.

Classifying these workers properly in accordance with local laws and regulations is critically important. Misclassification creates risks of litigation, fines, adverse publicity, and reputational damage.

Download this customer success story to:

  • Read how the company mitigated compliance risk by implementing a Beeline vendor management system (VMS)
  • Learn how they started by controlling contingent staffing and added resource tracking in 64 countries
  • Understand how enhanced workforce visibility eliminated prepayments of incomplete contracts

Before implementing Beeline technology, the client had difficulty engaging the skilled specialists it needed to support their growing operations. Now Beeline’s scalable sourcing automation solution helps the client reduce risks and optimize contingent workforce costs.

Beeline’s VMS also:

  • Disclosed hidden costs and overpayments
  • Increased efficiency by reducing time-intensive manual work
  • Made it easier to identify and rehire high-performing workers
  • Delivered data-driven insights to support better program governance and smarter staffing

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