How do you deliver cost control through your non-permanent workforce? (EBG Network)

November 26, 2021

Why is your non-permanent workforce such a different spend category to the rest? Why does it need to be managed differently and how can you use data to optimize the way it’s managed to deliver cost savings to your business? How are others managing their professional services category or their corporate wide non-employee workforce from a spend and control perspective?

Download this webinar recording to learn how to use data – cost savings, milestones and deliverables, process efficiency, and more – to calculate ROI and build a business case for a next generation way for businesses and procurement to work with contingent workforce development.

We will discuss

  • What is 100% visibility of your contingent workforce worth?
  • How do you ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations?
  • How do you manage statement of work-based projects easily and efficiently?
  • Moderator: Anna Bjärkerud – EBG Network


Manfred Vogels, Director Relationship Management – Europe at Beeline
Chris Jasper, VP Business Development – EMEA at Beeline

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