How personality assessment can help you improve contingent hiring decisions

June 2, 2020

ob skills and experience are essential for any contingent work assignment. So is the right personality. Personality is a scientifically proven predictor of job performance.

By assessing a candidate’s behavioral tendencies in a work environment, hiring managers can understand how candidates will perform and if they will fit into the workplace culture.

Download this free fact sheet to find out how personality science can help you make predictive hiring decisions to improve candidate selection.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the high cost and risk of not testing
  • Understand how artificial intelligence combines employee performance data and personality data to prioritize candidates
  • Read how personality assessment can help you maintain your positive workplace culture

Working with Traitify, a leader in online personality assessment, we offer personality assessments directly integrated into the Beeline Candidate Evaluation workflow.

The assessment is easy, private, and personal, and it can be completed on any smart device.

As a result, you can gain instant insights into a candidate’s soft skills, so you will know how they mesh with the company culture and whether they will excel in your environment.

With Beeline and Traitify’s uniquely integrated personality assessment process, you can even personalize the experience with trait and career interest data and use it to promote your brand.

Download our fact sheet today.