Procurement 2023: BIG Trends and Predictions – Ardent Partners webinar sponsored by Beeline

January 30, 2023

In recent years, CPOs have wrestled with the challenges brought by pandemic, geopolitical turmoil, and economic crises.

In this webinar, top researchers from Ardent Partners predict the leading factors affecting procurement professionals in 2023, and what actions they will take to achieve their goals.

Joined by executives from Beeline and Ivalua, Ardent Partners’ Andrew Bartolini and Christopher Dwyer discuss global trends that will set the courses for Procurement and the Future of Work.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What are the greatest political, economic, and business risks facing procurement in 2023 and beyond?
  • How will companies respond to supply chain destabilization and staffing challenges?
  • Which emerging technologies will enable smart businesses to gain a competitive advantage?

You will hear how total talent visibility and “Omni-Channel Talent Acquisition” provide powerful new tools for workforce optimization.

And Andrew Bartolini explains why “AI will be TIME magazine’s Person of the Year for 2023."


  • Andrew Bartolini, Founder and Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners
  • Christopher J. Dwyer, Ardent Partners, and Managing Director of Future of Work Exchange
  • Brian Hoffmeyer, Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategies, Beeline
  • Vishal Patel, Vice President of Product Marketing, Ivalua

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