Vendor Management System (VMS)

June 19, 2018

Take Control of Your Non-Employee Workforce With Our Configurable Vendor Management System

Beeline Vendor Management System (VMS) provides a single platform to manage the needs of your non-employees worldwide. Procurement, sourcing, and human resources professionals at Fortune 500 and Global 100 organizations use Beeline to increase cost savings, reduce risk, and add value for their stakeholders.

The easy-to-use Beeline offers:

  • Cost Savings: Eliminate rogue spend. Gain hard dollar savings by consolidating supplier and benchmarking rates to gain negotiated savings or volume/early pay discounts. Realize soft dollar savings through process improvements like consolidated invoicing, reduced timecard and invoice errors, and compliance tracking.
  • Compliance: Create transparent analysis of the procurement lifecycle for greater control and policy enforcement. By implementing a VMS and gaining full visibility into your staffing spend and activity, you can mitigate risk and potential exposure to co-employment and tenure litigation.
  • Visibility: Use analytics and reporting to reveal where and how you are spending money on contract and project-based labor. Increased visibility allows you to make better decisions for the future.
  • Operational efficiency: Automate many steps in the procurement cycle, reducing the time to fill positions. A VMS supports consolidated invoicing and supplier payments and ensures 100% invoice accuracy.
  • Quality Control: Measure and monitor the performance of your suppliers and non-employee workforce to ensure process and performance efficiency.