VMS Global Landscape & Differentiators 2023-Staffing Industry Analysts

December 8, 2023

According to SIA, the percentage of companies with over 1,000 employees who use a VMS (vendor management system) expanded from just over 50% in 2009 to 79% in 2023.

Within this period, VMS solutions have evolved from primarily sourcing and managing contingent workers sourced through staffing agencies (vendors) to acquiring and managing all categories of non-employee workers, including statement of work (SOW)-based service contractors, and, more recently, workers acquired through direct sourcing, using private talent pools.

This 96-page report highlights both traditional and more recent benefits of adopting a VMS and provides an overview and analysis of 18 local, regional, and global VMS providers.

In this report, you will find:

  • Year-by-year cost savings delivered by VMS
  • Summary of key innovations and investments in VMS technology
  • Size, industry focus, and geographic footprint of VMS providers

Download this complimentary industry report to:

  • Read about key trends in the VMS marketplace
  • Learn the differences between “pure-play” VMS solutions and VMS providers who are affiliated with HRIS or ERP software providers, managed service providers (MSPs), or staffing suppliers
  • · Compare strengths and weaknesses of VMS providers based on customer and supplier perceptions and SIA performance evaluation criteria

SIA’s report provides a carefully crafted analysis of the global VMS landscape based on their unique evaluation criteria. Other well-regarded industry analyses are produced annually by Everest Group and Ardent Partners/The Future of Work Exchange.

We strongly encourage readers to compare these and other available industry reports to get the broadest possible perspective on the rapidly evolving state of VMS technology.

With this range of information, you will be able to focus your search for VMS technology to deliver and manage the external talent your business needs.

For Staffing Industry Analysts’ evaluation of the global VMS landscape, download this Industry Report.

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