Why Beeline is the Best VMS for Your VMO

April 15, 2016

Organizations are increasingly centralizing the sourcing and management of their extended workforce. Those who elect to manage these non-employees via an internal program office—often called a Vendor Management Office (VMO)—can be extremely effective and provide great value to their organizations, but often face unique challenges.

Selecting the best VMS partner is imperative to the success of your program. In order to find the right fit, you need to ensure that your VMS partner can provide you unparalleled service and technology. Your VMS partner should be committed to tackling the unique demands of your program, no matter what.

  • Learn how Beeline continuously works to modernize, simplify, and improve VMO user experience
  • Read how Beeline’s workforce analytics helps users track essential data and gives them the visibility they need
  • Learn more about Beeline’s unparalleled customer service, customer centric culture, and unique training opportunities
  • Understand how Beeline’s Solutions Design and Consulting teams help VMO clients with complex business requirements

It’s important to remember that being a VMO does not mean you are alone when managing your extended workforce program. Selecting the best VMS partner for your VMO is an important step in your journey to success. At Beeline, we know what VMO clients need—a technology partner who is with you every step of the way. Whether it is helping you collaborate with industry experts, referring you to our consultative teams, or providing you with the appropriate support you need to succeed, we believe that Beeline is the best VMS for your VMO.

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