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Supplier : Submit a Candidate

  • Submit a resource as a candidate to a job opportunity:
      • Select from the Available Resources List
      • Create New Resource (Quick Resource)
      • Create a Resource Profile
      • Clone an Existing Resource

  • Resource Status List

Supplier : Decline a Job Opportunity

  • Decline a job opportunity:

Supplier : Manage Interviews

  • Manage interviews

    • View and respond
    • Change a scheduled interview time
    • Cancel an interview

Supplier : Approve or Reject Offer

  • View Offers Submitted for Approval:
      • View/adjust the assignment record (non-contractual)

    • View the Work Order (contractual offer record)
    • Approve or reject the offer (including review)
  • Express Approval

Supplier : Create a Full Resource Profile Record

  • Create a resource profile:
      • General
      • Desired Job
      • Skills/Roles
      • Education
      • Attachments
      • Bill Rate / Salary

    • Other
    • Summary

Supplier : Manage Resource Login Access

    • Create initial login credentials for a resource/contractor:
      • Option 1: Automatically generate login credentials
      • Option 2: Manually create login access
    • Reset a user password:
      • Option 1: Send contractor a password reset link
      • Option 2: Manually reset contractor’s password

  • Disable a resource/contractor’s login access:
  • Deactivate a resource/contractor user

Supplier : Search Resource Pool

    • Retrieve Resource records from your Resource Pool
    • Adjust display features
    • Resource/Candidate Status

Supplier : Work Order – Assignment Management

  • Approve an amendment (contractual)
  • Reject an amendment (contractual)
  • Amend a work order
  • Edit an assignment
  • Adjust the onboarding checklist and/or contractor email address

Shell Supplier Training Recording: Contract Labour

Shell Supplier Training Recording: Projects

Ticketing Account Creation

  • If you need technical support and do not currently have access to the Beeline/IQN ticketing system you can use this document to create a new account.