Decades of VMS success built into the world’s first Extended Workforce Platform

Our future-forward platform solves the complexities of managing the extended workforce.

Connecting all users

Clients and their managed service providers who create the demand for work, suppliers who curate and employ  talent, and the talent who produce outcomes through one cloud-based platform.

A great platform starts with a great product

Beeline VMS, with its unrivaled user experience and comprehensive extended workforce solutions, is at the core of the world’s first Extended Workforce Platform.

Powerful layers

Over two decades of workforce data, meaningful user experience, and seamless integrations come together to solve the challenges of external workforce management today.

Platform pillars

External workforce intelligence

Workforce intelligence goes beyond reporting capabilities to provide smart methods of accessing and analyzing large sets of complex data.
Analytics highlight KPIs which identify process bottlenecks and uncover valuable insights to support data-driven decision making.

Meaningful user experience (UX)

User experience is the number one driver or detractor to adoption and compliance.
Reduce friction with hiring managers by arming them with an easy-to-use tool that streamlines workflow and dramatically reduces time to fill.

Extended workforce connectivity

Connected systems streamline processes and ensure one source of truth.
The contingent workforce is complex.
It takes a trusted network of partners who can work together, safely share data, and deliver a comprehensive solution.

Built with you in mind

Everyone benefits. Companies, managed service providers, suppliers, and talent gain more value from greater user experiences, more data, and better connectivity.

Our future-forward platform

Goes beyond vendor management system capabilities to support the growing strategic importance of the extended workforce.

Today as much as 40% of a company’s total workforce is made up of external talent, allowing businesses to access hard-to-find skills and scale their workforces in real time to meet changing market needs.

Companies are growing their use of non-employees. Talent management and human resource professionals are looking for data on non-employees at the same depth and detail they have in their ATS, HCM and ERP systems. However, increasing legislation around employment and benefits demand this workforce be engaged and managed in a “safe harbor” wholly and separately from the full-time employee workforce – allowing companies to maintain separate relationships and still understand this population deeply.
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