Beeline is Committed to GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enacted by the European Parliament, aims to give citizens more control of their personal data. Beeline is committed to handling our clients’ and partners’ data in a manner that is fully compliant with applicable data privacy, security, and governance regulations, including GDPR. Download our free data sheet to:
  • Learn the steps Beeline has taken to comply with GDPR
  • Read how personal data will be managed and protected under these regulations
  • Understand how we have strengthened our controls to limit access to personal data and prevent this data from being shared with others
Beeline currently complies with data security and privacy laws around the world. We have established a global project to prepare for GDPR, both for our internal processes and our commercial offerings. We are enhancing our ongoing commitment to privacy by design to ensure that our entire IT environment complies with GDPR principles. Download our free data sheet for more details.

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