Best Practices for Expanding Your CW Program Globally

If your company is actively managing its extended, non-employee workforce to achieve a competitive advantage, you are likely considering how to expand your contingent workforce (CW) program into more labor categories, more geographical areas, or both. This whitepaper describes some of the most important issues CW program managers should consider regarding these expansions as well as recommendations based on the experiences of other companies who have managed similar situations. You will also find suggestions about where to turn for advice in planning and implementing program expansions that will help your company compete successfully in the ongoing war for talent and adapt effectively to today’s “New World of Work.” Download this whitepaper to learn:
  • What risks are associated with NOT expanding
  • How to engage stakeholders to gather information and enlist executive support
  • Why it pays to “Think Globally, but Act Locally”
In addition to an overview of CW program expansion questions and answers, this document offers a framework for evaluating your readiness for expansion and explains where to find expert insight to ensure your program expansion’s success. Download this free whitepaper today.

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