Contingent Workforce Management in the Insurance Industry

In response to a disappointing compliance review, one of America’s leading insurance companies decided to create a centralized contingent workforce organization to strengthen internal governance and ensure full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. They developed the company’s contingent workforce policy and established principles and processes for contractor administration, worker visibility, contract compliance, supplier relationship management, contractor qualification, and co-employment risk mitigation. To streamline their processes enterprise-wide and automate requisitioning, invoicing, reporting, and compliance processing, they turned to Beeline. Download this free success story to:
  • Learn how Beeline helped centralize sourcing and management of the client’s contingent workforce
  • Understand how our VMS serves as a security single source of truth for records required for compliance risk mitigation
  • Read how Beeline’s support helped this client successfully complete a rigorous 9-month internal program audit
This is the story of one of America’s leading insurance companies with multiple subsidiaries insuring automobiles, homes, and small businesses, as well as other insurance and financial services products. Approximately 25 percent of their workforce is contingent. This client has dramatically transformed its contingent workforce program using Beeline to manage both contingent staffing and statement of work (SOW) based contracts. The client also monitors all outsourced labor using Beeline’s resource tracking functionality and has recently implemented Beeline Self-Sourcing to expand talent options, speed requisition fulfillment, and reduce labor cost. For more details, download our Client Success Story now.

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