Financial Services Leader Manages Outsourced Service Workers

This multinational banking and financial services company needed to track and manage thousands of outsourced service workers who perform jobs that are vital to the client’s daily operations but do not contribute to the organization’s core competency. They turned to Beeline.
  • Manage outsourced service workers as easily as contingent staff
  • Provides global consistency, while allowing for local work rules and regulations
  • Know who has access to your facilities and data at all times
  • Provides advanced analytic tools to help you ensure best value and make better business decisions
The client wanted to track and manage thousands of outsourced service workers engaged in various capacities in 49 countries around the globe. Visibility into this service category would help the company make smarter business decisions and move resources as necessary from business to business or even from country to country. We implemented our Resource Tracking solution in three phases, beginning in the U.S. and ending with the system fully operational in all 49 countries. A resource matching feature allows managers to track workers as they move from one procurement type to another, one business to another, or from one country to another, a vital requirement to support their global business. We also simplified the creation of each worker record in the system, vastly reducing data entry time and the possibility of errors. With global information on their service workers, the client can more confidently plan sourcing initiatives, prepare for contract discussions, and implement strategic change management activities. For more details, download our Success Story.

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