Independent Research Firm calculates the ROI of Beeline Extended Workforce Platform. Learn why we think it’s an investment worth making.

Beeline commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study where they interviewed Beeline Extended Workforce Platform customers across industries to understand their challenges and the costs and benefits of implementing Beeline’s solution.

We believe the results – including 158% ROI in 3 years – speak for themselves.

Read Forrester Consulting’s “Total Economic Impact™” study to understand the value.

In their 30-page study, “Total Economic Impact of Beeline Extended Workforce Platform,” Forrester Consulting details, with extensive charts, graphs, and tables, why we think Beeline’s solution is worth the investment.
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  • Learn why Beeline Extended Workforce Platform’s payback period is less than 3 months
  • Read how Beeline delivered net present value (NPV) of $7.44 million in Forrester’s calculation
  • Understand how Beeline reduced approval time by 28% and invoice errors due to human error by 90% for real customers
Read the full study to see how Beeline Extended Workforce Platform delivers an ROI of 158%.

To read Forrester Consulting’s evaluations and recommendations, download the full report.