Global Bio-Pharmaceutical Leader Expands Regional Vendor Management System Coverage

One of the world’s leading bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers needed a holistic view of its substantial extended workforce in Puerto Rico, which was impossible with the different systems they were using to manage multiple labor categories. They turned to Beeline.
  • Learn how our client saved more than $12 million in contingent workforce spend
  • Read how we improved time-to-fill speed, helping the client, suppliers, and workers alike
  • Understand how the VMS substantially reduced security and compliance risks
Now, for the first time, the client has a single VMS tool in both the U.S. and Puerto Rico ensuring visibility and compliance of their entire contingent workforce. Through this VMS expansion, the client achieved significant savings, eliminated multiple manual processes, and dramatically reduced paperwork. Additionally, the system’s standardized, automated onboarding and offboarding ensures consistent application of company policies. For more details, download our Success Story.

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