Global Software Leader Consolidates Contingent Workforce Program with Beeline

A multinational leader in software, services, and technology solutions has depended on Beeline for more than 10 years to automate its extensive contingent staffing and services procurement needs. Over time, the global organization’s processes became more diverse – with more than 500 suppliers, three Managed Services Providers (MSPs), and hundreds of hiring managers operating with little centralized control.  At the same time, the need for better access to operational data and comprehensive workforce visibility increased. A significant program overhaul was overdue. So, they turned to Beeline. Download this free success story to:
  • Learn how Beeline provided a centralized platform for integrating the company’s contingent workforce globally
  • Understand how we introduced a scalable integration model that simplifies processes and shortens implementation time
  • Read about how this client reduced its supply base from more than 500 suppliers to less than 20 primary suppliers and consolidated 16 workflows into only 1
This client has dramatically transformed its contingent workforce program, and that process continues today. Recently, the client established a standardized job taxonomy that more accurately categorizes job titles, and implemented Beeline’s artificial intelligence-based quick request functionality that simplifies the creation of requisitions by recommending job titles based on the user’s profile and request history. This is just a taste. For more details, download our Client Success Story now.

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