How Your VMS Can Help You Comply with IR35

Now starting in April 2021 (delayed from April 2020 due to COVID19), all large- and medium-sized private sector businesses must determine whether freelance staff and contractors they engage in the UK are true Professional Service Companies (PSCs) or really “disguised employees.”

If a worker is found to be a “disguised employee” the financial impact can be significant, including unpaid taxes, National Insurance Contributions (NICs), as well as interest for late payment and other penalties.

Your Beeline VMS can help you maintain consistent, fully documented, and audit-ready processes to verify IR35 compliance.

Download our free data sheet to:
  • Learn how we can ASSIST in building easy-to-use processes to assess contractors’ tax status
  • Read how your VMS can serve as an incontrovertible system of RECORD
  • Understand the value of being able to REPORT all of your IR35 status determinations on a regular basis or in response to enquiries and audits

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