Increase the Value of Your VMS by Choosing the Best Service Partner

The value of a Vendor Management System (VMS) is only partially determined by its cost. Another key factor that can raise or lower your technology’s ROI is the nature and quality of the customer service that supports it. In this whitepaper, you will read how VMS providers’ customer service models can dramatically affect the value you receive and your stakeholders’ user experience.
  • Read about how providers can prove they take customer service seriously
  • Understand the difference between people-centric and issue-centric customer service
  • Use our customer service and support checklist to determine which factors are most important to your program’s success
Unparalleled service means more than a help desk you can call 24/7/365. It means that your account team, backed by an array of technical specialists, will ensure that you receive the level of support you really need. To learn more about the value unparalleled customer service can provide to your organization, download this free whitepaper today.

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