Southwest Airlines Fills Critical Workforce Needs with Beeline VMS

To meet its performance, productivity, and customer service goals, Southwest Airlines relies on a highly efficient extended workforce—one that incorporates employees, interns, contractors, and contingent workers. Beeline VMS not only saves the airline millions of dollars each year, but also serves as the single system of record for all of their non-employees.
  • Learn how Beeline VMS helps Southwest know who their non-employees are, where they are, and what they are working on at all times
  • Understand how Beeline helps mitigate security and compliance risks
  • Read how Southwest improved process efficiency and reduced time-to-fill
  • Learn how the airline enhanced and expanded its self-sourcing program, saving millions on talent acquisition
Southwest Airlines has achieved program costs savings (more than $5 million in first year) while mitigating risk by innovating with Beeline VMS. Our solution provides Southwest Airlines with on-demand access to comprehensive information about all of its non-employee talent—including headcount, onboarding progress, security clearances, and more—driving better, strategic decisions.

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