Beeline and Brightfield announce SmartBuyer, the first embedded AI to eliminate the costs and risks caused by uninformed front-line labor sourcing behavior

JACKSONVILLE, FLA., February 18, 2021 – Today, Beeline, the global independent leader in software solutions for sourcing and managing the extended workforce, announced a deepening of its relationship with strategic partner Brightfield, the world’s leading contract labor supply management software platform, to co-develop and launch SmartBuyer – the first AI-enabled, embedded solution to tackle the challenge of over spending caused by ineffective job descriptions and uninformed buying behavior.
The announcement, which represents the culmination of a year-long research and development project into how sourcing and contracting behaviors of hiring managers at global enterprises impact business outcomes, expands the long-standing partnership between Beeline and Brightfield. Utilizing Brightfield’s market leading TDX platform, the companies analyzed more than 1 million transactions between thousands of labor contract buyers and suppliers to isolate 2,000 unique buying behaviors that influence business outcomes.
This game-changing behavioral intelligence, combined with the exceptional user experience embedded in Beeline’s future-focused vendor management system (VMS), will give Beeline customers access to a powerful, self-funding foundation for contract labor buying excellence:
  • Customer buying behavior insight: AI-generated behavioral profiles of enterprise labor buyers that are used for tailoring the VMS user experience based on the context of past hiring manager buying preferences and selections of contract workers and suppliers.
  • Real-time labor buying decision support: The SmartBuyer decision-support application, directly embedded in the Beeline requisition user experience, will provide individually tailored, in-application guidance on job design, price point, geographic location and requisition fill risk, all contextualized based on historical user behavior.
  • An even more distinguished dataset: The TDX platform, already the world’s largest and most trustworthy source of non-employee market intelligence is made even richer with new (anonymized) behavioral, market rate and supplier insights.
“AI holds vast potential, but it is useless without data scale, history and science to incorporate the coded behavior of individuals and institutions,” said Doug Leeby, CEO of Beeline. “Companies need models that predict and prescribe how to make decisions in the future with the benefit of past successes and failures. The partnership with Brightfield was the obvious choice to help us unlock the collective wisdom of the Beeline customer base. SmartBuyer, coupled with the other behavioral AI VMS product enhancements to follow, will change the VMS from a system of record to a system of intelligence.”
Jesse Levin, CEO of Brightfield, said of the partnership: “Brightfield was proud to build the world’s first AI model demonstrating that the behavioral patterns of labor buyers are not only predictable but also influenceable within the VMS user experience. Now, the power of those insights will be in the hands of customers, taking the form of direct in-application guidance and enhanced user experiences designed to nudge buyers toward smarter decisions—reducing cost leakage, managing down operational risk, and improving the speed of sourcing contract labor talent.


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Brightfield’s TDX platform automates the design of modern work: the right team from the right source at the right price. Powered by the world’s largest proprietary employer data network, over 400 billion dollars of real-time transaction data and cutting-edge data science
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