Unlock future of work success: maximize contingent workforce potential

June 22, 2023

Ardent Partners Webinar
Sponsored by Beeline

Uncertain economic times and volatile labor markets have compounded the challenge for those charged with sourcing and managing contingent labor.

Contingent workforce programs are being driven to deliver workforce flexibility and scalability. When coupled with the need to manage risk and regulatory compliance, Talent Acquisition and Procurement professionals really have their hands full.

In this webinar, Christopher Dwyer of Ardent Partners and Beeline’s Brian McCourt discuss the changes businesses are making to optimize their contingent workforce strategies and operations.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What are the top business challenges of 2023 (so far)?
  • How will businesses shift their labor strategies for 2024?
  • What key improvements are businesses adopting in talent acquisition technology, automation, and digitization?

According to Dwyer, the Future of Work reflects a continued evolution of how we work and how we get work done. This includes more than doubling the use of external workers – from less than 20% of the average workforce in 2010 to nearly 50% in 2023.

It also includes changing talent acquisition trends and technologies – including total talent visibility, compliance anomaly detection, and outcome-based talent sourcing.

Listen to Dwyer and McCourt discuss the transition from multi-channel sourcing to omni-channel sourcing and what this means for total talent optimization and total workforce management.

Unlock success in the future of work by watching this webinar with Ardent Partners.