From Tactical Efficiency to Strategic Workforce Planning

February 21, 2024

CIBC’s Contingent Workforce Management Journey

In cooperation with Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), the premier global sourcing association, Beeline presents a case study of CIBC’s implementation of contingent workforce management technology.

In this one-hour webinar, Alexis Dalzell, CIBC’s senior director of HR process delivery, and Harry Kenning, Beeline's senior client relationship manager, detailed key milestones on CIBC’s journey.

They described how this large Canadian banking group gained visibility of their contingent workforce, integrated the external workforce of a major US acquisition, and automated their sourcing and management processes for consistency and efficiency.

Listen to this webinar to see how CIBC uses contingent workforce data to make better strategic staffing decisions.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Where CIBC started, with no central view of their contingent resources
  • How Beeline’s VMS delivered foundational data for analysis and resource tracking
  • How CIBC and Beeline integrated an acquired US external workforce while maintaining visibility of distinct worker and supplier populations

Hear how CIBC built a consolidated cross-border view of their Canadian and US external workforce into advanced dashboards to provide key strategic insights:

  • What areas are over-leveraged or under-leveraged with external workers
  • Where to consolidate or expand their supply chain to meet talent requirements
  • Where they need to mitigate compliance risks associated with labor misclassification and other regulatory requirements

Watch this webinar to learn how CIBC uses strategic and operational techniques to deliver high-quality talent, control costs, increase efficiency, and mitigate compliance risks.

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