Feel Empowered to Build Reports with Beeline Report Builder

August 28, 2015

Do you currently struggle to build reports and get the data you need due to the complexity and usability associated with your current VMS provider’s report editing tools? At Beeline, we’re different. We understand that you need instant access to your data, and you need it fast. That’s why we built Report Builder—our user interface for building reports—to enable you to quickly and easily build reports that provide you with the data you need. Click the link provided on this data sheet to view the Report Builder Webinar.

  • View a recording of a Report Builder webinar
  • Watch a 6-minute video for an overview of Report Builder
  • Learn about the many features of Report Builder
  • Understand how to quickly and easily build custom reports

We built Report Builder to be intuitive so that users have a quick learning curve, but it always helps to have an overview. To receive a detailed demonstration of Report Builder’s advanced functionality, click the link provided on this data sheet to view a recording of Beeline’s Report Builder Webinar. You will learn more about the benefits of Report Builder, as well as how to leverage these features to satisfy advanced reporting scenarios. In addition to showcasing Report Builder’s features, this webinar recording will help you understand how to build advanced reports, calculate and transform report data, and apply report filters and parameters. This webinar provides an in-depth view of Report Builder’s user interface, with a comprehensive demonstration of the tool’s functionality.

Report Builder takes the guesswork out of building reports, and helps you build the customizable reports you need. Learn more about Report Builder’s features, such as auto-complete, drag and drop, and much more. All Beeline customers automatically receive Report Builder as part of their implementation, so the tool is already at your fingertips. To learn more, download our complimentary data sheet today.

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