Beeline’s trueRATE Ensures Accurate Billing Calculations for Your Extended Workforce

Organizations have a range of complex ways of calculating bill rates for non-employee workers that involve many variables, such as coefficients, markups, statutory costs, and other rate components. Too often these complexities lead to discrepancies between anticipated costs and actual supplier invoices.

To prevent the problems these discrepancies can cause, Beeline VMS offers its exclusive trueRATE pre-configured bill rate calculator. With trueRATE, Beeline VMS provides complete visibility into every variable that makes up the bill rate, so you never have to wonder how the system calculated the final numbers on your invoices.

  • Learn how trueRATE calculates complex rate components to convert pay rates into bill rates
  • Read about the mandatory fees some countries require when engaging non-employee workers
  • Understand how trueRATE accounts for geographical, industry, resource type, and job title variations that can influence the bill rate