Beyond VMS: transformative technology for the future of work

December 16, 2022

Presented by Beeline and Ardent Partners

We live in a world transformed. A new report by Ardent Partners explains why businesses are racing to implement new non-employee talent strategies that require different management techniques and depend on sourcing channels not typically overseen by traditional vendor management systems (VMS).

Watch and listen as Ardent Partners’ Christopher Dwyer and Beeline’s Lesley Walsh discuss why enterprises need technologies that go beyond VMS to meet new requirements and acquire top-tier candidates with the skillsets to make an immediate impact on their business.

Watch this webinar today to:

  • Hear why workforce scalability and agility are crucial to survival in uncertain economic times
  • Learn how “omni-channel” talent acquisition empowers businesses to acquire the agile workforce they need
  • Understand how “total talent intelligence” enables companies to leverage their extended workforce as a competitive differentiator

Contingent staffing and professional services were formerly acquired and managed much like other commodities in the enterprise supply chain. But that is no longer true. Talent today is too strategically important.

Nearly 47% of the average workforce today consists of non-employees, and that number continues to grow. To source and manage this talent effectively and cost-efficiently requires more capabilities than VMS technology alone can deliver.

To learn more about the transformative extended workforce technology businesses need now, watch this webinar today!

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