Fact sheet

Building and Negotiating Statements of Work

March 27, 2024

Beeline’s highly automated statement of work (SOW) solution enables buyers of complex professional and support services to build and negotiate SOWs efficiently and collaboratively with the vendors they select. With its advanced capabilities, Beeline gives procurement and project managers vital visibility into services spend and allows organizations to negotiate the best possible deal.

  • Learn how Beeline’s powerful terms library and template functionality helps service buyers mitigate compliance risks and improve efficiency
  • Read how dynamic approval capabilities reduce bottlenecks and ensure that the right people review the SOW at the right time
  • Understand how Beeline automates manual processes, streamlines workflows, and reduces cycle times

Beeline’s Services Procurement solution transitions data simply and easily from the competitive bid process to the SOW creation and negotiation process, and from SOW approval to project management. It delivers real-time change order management, properly tracks and reports amendments, and provides visibility into processes that would otherwise erode cost savings obtained through SOW negotiations.

By managing services procurement from sourcing through invoicing, Beeline lets managers focus on their project, not on the process, minimizing delays and reducing costs.

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