Governance, teamwork, and technology: How to leverage direct sourcing

August 30, 2023


In just a few years, direct sourcing has moved from a fringe technique for engaging contingent workers to a vital part of many companies’ external talent acquisition process.  But some businesses still have trouble capturing all the value they expected from their direct sourcing programs.

Watch this webinar to hear ICON Consultants’ Tim O’Rourke and Beeline’s Brian McCourt describe the necessary elements of an effective direct sourcing program and how it can reduce costs, shorten time to fill key positions, and improve overall contingent workforce performance.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Which job assignments are best filled by direct sourcing rather than traditional sourcing channels
  • How to build robust talent pools for the skill sets your business needs  
  • Roles of technology, curation, payrolling, and compliance in creating an effective direct sourcing program

“We really feel that between pre-identified resources and direct sourcing, most programs should be able to fulfill 60 to 80% of their needs through their direct sourcing program.”
-    Tim O’Rourke

Watch this webinar to learn how you can increase sourcing efficiency while creating a better experience for both talent and hiring managers.

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