Case study

Energy Utility Expands Diversity With Contingent Staffing

December 16, 2014

Achieving supplier diversity is a critical component of this gas and electric utility’s supply chain strategy. The client needed to expand the diversity of its extended workforce, increase compliance with internal policies and procedures, and ensure regulatory compliance—all while achieving both hard and soft cost savings in its contingent staffing program. They turned to Beeline.

  • Learn how we transitioned their workforce between Managed Services Providers (MSPs) with zero attrition
  • Read how we implemented program analytics to provide insight for better business decisions
  • Understand how a new Standard Operating Procedures manual helped reduce co-employment risks

In the first six months of our VMS’ operation, the client increased its diversity spend by more than 700 percent while negotiating nearly $400,000 in savings.

Perhaps even more important, the system’s increased visibility has helped to mitigate compliance risks—a very important consideration in the client’s heavily regulated industry.

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