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Gaining Global Consistency Through Configurability: A VMS Upgrade Story

June 17, 2024

“Make it simple, make it safe, make it fast…[and] give [our hiring managers] a fluid, quick, automated process.”


A high-tech leader with more than 50,000 contingent workers launched a global initiative to manage its workforce consistently. It quickly concluded that its existing vendor management system (VMS) wasn’t up to the task. The client needed a system that could manage not only agency-sourced temporary staff, but also independent contractors, freelancers, consultants, advisers, and other outsourced workers hired on a per-job and nonpermanent basis. To make this happen, it turned to Beeline.

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  • Read how Beeline was able to accommodate the client’s scale, multiple labor categories, and local compliance requirements
  • Learn how Beeline provided the necessary resources and deep industry knowledge to meet the client’s demanding specifications
  • Understand how Beeline helped the client rationalize its global supply base, identify technical synergies, and provide data-based insight to stakeholders for more cost-efficient staffing

For the first time, this tech giant has the capability to execute and enforce its contingent workforce strategy consistently across all labor categories and all business units in 95 countries.

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