Is Your VMS Provider a Vendor or a Partner? Here’s how to tell, and why you should care.

If you use a vendor management system (VMS) to manage your external workforce, chances are good that your VMS provider thinks of you either as a buyer or as a partner. How they see you can make a big difference in how they treat you.

This document lists 12 ways to know if you are receiving the treatment you deserve from your VMS provider.

Download this checklist to:

  • Read what you should expect from your VMS partner
  • Learn whether the company who provides your technology is focused on your needs or their own
  • Understand how partnership means more than “making it work;” it means “getting it right”

If you manage a contingent workforce program, you probably have developed strong opinions about your VMS solution—its capabilities, its functionality, its ease of use, and maybe even about the company behind it.

Now, you can compare the service you are receiving with a list of best practices for a healthy, productive client-partner relationship.

Download this checklist today.