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Beeline and KellyOCG Help Australian Government Cut Workforce Expenses

April 6, 2022

Learn how KellyOCG and Beeline enabled an Australian state government department to achieve significant contingent labor cost savings:

  • 4.12% in direct savings
  • 4.21% in cost avoidance

Resulting in 8.32% total savings.

Read how KellyOCG and Beeline implemented a new, more innovative VMS to help the client achieve cost savings and comply with new contracting standards, which include stricter requirements for data security and privacy.

For details, download this customer success story.

You will:

  • Read how the Kelly-Beeline team improved organizational efficiency and user satisfaction
  • Learn how the new system delivers higher-quality candidates
  • Understand how cost avoidance and direct cost savings produced an 8.3 percent dividend for this government client

The program was so successful that the client nominated the KellyOCG and Beeline partnership as “Product Team of the Year” for 2020 in their annual supplier awards competition.

In their nomination, the client cited highlights of the program, including:

  • Ease of Use – reduced administrative burden for hiring managers
  • Improved candidate quality
  • Improved visibility and risk mitigation
  • Demonstrated cost savings

For more information, download our Client Success Story.

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