Case study

How to solve contingent workforce challenges in a crisis

April 1, 2022

The world’s largest direct selling company relies heavily on its contingent labour. This flexible workforce lets the company respond quickly to changes in demand.

In 2020, the client suddenly had to respond to another challenge: a pandemic.

To keep manufacturing and distribution operations running, the client shifted among different locations. To find workers for these facilities, they turned to their service and technology partners: Guidant Global and Beeline.

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  • Read how Beeline and Guidant Global worked with contractors to reduce costs for services
  • Learn how we adjusted the staffing supply chain to locate qualified candidates in unfamiliar markets
  • Understand how the client met production levels required to support their worldwide distributors

The client’s digital transformation investments are accelerating. This ramp-up requires more talent, both full-time and contingent.

Together, Guidant Global and Beeline give the client greater workforce agility and resilience. Not only will this help them meet their current needs. It will also give them a long-term competitive advantage.

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