Fact Sheet

Regional VMS Solution for Countries with Fewer Workers

December 30, 2015

Expanding my program globally

Most multinational organizations have large concentrations of contingent workers in a few primary countries and smaller numbers of workers in several other countries. It is not practical to implement a fully localized vendor management system (VMS) in every country for just a few workers. So how can you ensure visibility of your extended workforce and consistency with global, organizational policies while still controlling costs?

In this datasheet, you will read how to obtain the benefits of a global VMS for less cost than a fully localized VMS deployment.

  • Read how a VMS can streamline and standardize internal processes
  • Learn how to ensure global consistency in all of your operating locations
  • Understand how analytics and reporting can provide better visibility and control

Beeline’s Regional VMS Solution was designed for countries and regional operations previously considered too small for a VMS. Our VMS lets you create and manage requisitions for any labor category, from administrative and service workers to professionals.

If you have been waiting for a cost-effective way to improve performance, streamline processes, implement spend management, and control procedures and reduce costs—even in smaller markets—your wait is over. Let us show you what Beeline’s Regional VMS Solution can do for you.

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