White paper

A blended MSP/VMS solution: is it right for your contingent workforce?

May 16, 2019

What is a “combined MSP/VMS model, and how does it compare to an “open” or “best of breed” solution?

This white paper recounts the 20-year history of Managed Services Providers (MSP) and Vendor Management Systems and details the pros and cons of using a combined or “blended” MSP/VMS solution versus an “open” or “best of breed” pairing of independent MSP and VMS provider.

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  • Learn how a “blended” solution that offers “one throat to choke” make also become a “single point of failure”
  • Read how a “best of breed” solution delivers an “innovation multiplier” effect
  • Understand the risks of depending on a single technology provider for both MSP and VMS services

While the blended MSP/VSP might meet the short-term needs of a CWM program whose primary goal is to minimize service costs and internal resources, this could become a disadvantage if the program needs to expand its scope, geographically or in other ways, to respond to market changes.

To meet the talent needs of a dynamic organization whose goal is greater workforce agility to compete and succeed in an on-demand world, a “best of breed” MSP and VMS solution is likely to prove the better choice.

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