SIA Webinar – How to Mitigate Compliance Risks in Your Contingent Workforce

August 4, 2023

Sourcing and managing an external workforce entails several different types of risk, including:

- Legal & regulatory risks

- Operational risks

- Data management & visibility risks

- Risks of safeguarding company resources

- Strategic risks

Mitigating these risks requires strict compliance with external laws and regulations, and internal company policies. 

In this webinar, experts from Staffing Industry Analysts and Beeline discuss how to:

  • Assess risks by probability & impact
  • Ensure compliance with laws, regulations & policies
  • Maintain records of compliance in case of audit, inspection or review

Contingent workforce program managers don’t have to be the “Compliance Police."

Your tasks are to:

- Shine a light in areas when there could be risks

- Remove the friction from implementing compliance procedures

Watch this webinar to learn how new visibility tools and techniques can help you minimize the risks that can damage your contingent workforce program and affect your company’s reputation, operations, and bottom line.


Watch this webinar with SIA to learn how to mitigate compliance risks in your contingent workforce.