Fact sheet

Sourcing SOW-based Services

March 27, 2024

Many organizations still use manual or semi-automated processes to manage competitive bidding for complex services, such as outsourcing or consulting services. This practice is inefficient, time-consuming, and increases the likelihood of errors. Even worse, it creates a lack of transparency, which can lead to questions of fairness and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, industry standards, and company policies.

Now there is an easy way to solicit, review, evaluate, and select the right service vendor for each project based on defined criteria, including cost, schedule, quality, and performance record.

  • Learn how our competitive bid functionality simplifies bid solicitation and evaluation, ensures transparency and impartiality, and enforces compliance with deadlines, financials submission, and scoring criteria
  • Read how our automated solution standardizes the bid process to ensure that vendors are assessed on the same criteria
  • Understand how our side-by-side comparisons simplify bid evaluations and multiply-round functionality manages multiple bidding rounds

Competitive bidding by multiple vendors is the most effective way to acquire complex services at the most competitive rates. Beeline makes it easy for you to take full advantage of this opportunity.

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