Case study

Top UK-based financial services firm achieves IR35 compliance

April 19, 2021

To comply with the UK’s IR35 and other international tax and labor regulations affecting contract workers, our client – a global financial services company – needed to upgrade its workforce visibility and establish an auditable record of the tax status of its non-employee labor.

Beeline responded with a system to capture more data points and provide visibility to ensure that the correct tax determination is made whenever the client engages contingent workers.

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  • Read how Beeline researched regulatory requirements to determine risks
  • Learn how we brought together expertise from MSPs, client stakeholders, and our solution design team
  • Understand how Beeline-directed design workshops led to the implementation of robust end-to-end solutions

Under new UK and European regulations, failure to manage and document the tax status of contract workers could have exposed the client to risks of legal action, reputational damage, and financial penalties.

This success story describes how Beeline met the challenge. Read how a 360-degree perspective – not only of key business requirements, but also of operational complexities – resulted in a solution that was practical, robust, and auditable.

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