Case study

Transitioning To A Global VMS

August 11, 2014

One of the world’s leading asset management and financial services companies had an existing VMS in place through another vendor. However, its existing VMS was running seven instances globally, making enterprise reporting impossible and continuity non-existent. It operated on different platforms in different countries and was not equipped to accommodate laws, regulations and compliance requirements on both a national and global scale. When they realized they needed a truly global VMS, they turned to Beeline. For more details, download our Success Story.

  • Beeline knows a truly global VMS must also be truly local—compliant with all local regulations
  • Learn how our tailored solutions fit your business and statutory requirements, country by country
  • Know how you can gain visibility into your entire non-employee workforce
  • Learn how to use the insight from advanced analytic tools to make better business decisions

The client required one single platform for managing its global contingent workforce. We delivered a flawless implementation and transition, transferring the program from the existing VMS to Beeline. Our international product management team ensured that Beeline was compliant with all local market regulations and tailored the solution to the client’s specific business and statutory requirements on a country-defined basis.

Beeline is currently managing more than 1,800 contingent assignments across multiple labor categories. The transition was so successful that the client plans to expand Beeline to include additional countries in Europe and Asia.

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