A Winning Solution for Strategic Talent Sourcing: A Direct Sourcing eBook

Direct sourcing is a great way to unlock new channels for acquiring skilled, qualified and available talent quickly and often at lower costs than are available through traditional staffing agencies.

In this 16-page eBook, direct sourcing experts from Beeline and TalentNet outline the value of private and public talent pools and how direct sourcing can reduce overall talent costs while expanding your talent pipeline.

Download your free eBook to:
  • Learn how direct sourcing can speed up the hiring process while reducing total markup by 50% or more
  • Read how direct sourcing mitigates risk with full regulatory compliance, data security, and enterprise governance
  • Understand how direct sourcing allows companies to leverage the power of their brands to build broad, deep pools of skilled talent
“More and more businesses are striving to own a direct relationship with their talent not only to reduce the time to fill open roles and project positions, but to also enhance control over the ‘match’ between nonemployee workers and the requirements of various enterprise initiatives.” - Chris Dwyer, Ardent Partners

Learn How to Win the Talent Competition
This eBook tells how you can start winning the talent competition by connecting with talent directly and taking advantage of new online sources of talent.

Beeline Direct Sourcing gives you unprecedented access to talent while complying with your sourcing policies. And it achieves all of this through your existing vendor management system.

Download your free eBook today.

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