Managing External Talent Made Easy: Get the Next-Gen VMS from Beeline

March 6, 2024

Companies worldwide are increasing their use of non-employees to create a more agile and resilient workforce. At the same time, the challenge of engaging and managing this extended workforce has grown. It has become too complex for the traditional contingent workforce management solutions known as Vendor Management Systems (VMS).

Recognizing this need, Beeline has moved beyond VMS functionality to offer a cloud-based Extended Workforce Platform built on more than 20 years of experience and innovation.

Download this complimentary ebook to learn how Beeline delivers the next-generation technology you need to source and manage non-employee talent.

Read this eBook to:

  • Learn how Beeline can give you visibility and control of your entire non-permanent workforce
  • Read how Beeline’s intuitive user interface makes it easier than ever for Hiring Managers to engage the talent they need
  • Understand how Beeline can help you reduce costs, mitigate compliance risks, engage better talent, and increase operational efficiency

With proven, market-leading VMS functionality at its core, Beeline Extended Workforce Platform delivers the latest future-proof talent sourcing and management technologies. Going beyond VMS, Beeline has added powerful layers of intelligence, connectivity, and in-depth industry experience to address the complexities of modern external workforce management.

If you are planning to automate your contingent workforce program, why settle for a VMS alone, when Beeline Extended Workforce Platform offers so much more?

  • More for companies in all industries
  • More for Managed Service Providers
  • More for staffing suppliers
  • More for talent
  • More for consultants and service contractors

To find out what this means for you, download our ebook today.

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