How to build a winning business case for adding services procurement to your contingent workforce program

While an extended workforce – temp labor, contractors, freelancers, and outsourced workers — allows companies to adapt quickly to market changes and reduce fixed costs, it can also introduce significant risk. To maintain strict compliance with laws and regulations, you need to actively manage all categories of your non-employee labor. This eBook gives you step-by-step instructions for building a business case to add Services Procurement management to your contingent workforce program. Download this data sheet to:
  • Know what questions you should ask – and answer
  • Learn what information you will need and where to find it
  • Identify the risks, rewards, and ROI requirements your business case must address
  • Read how to organize all the elements you will need to win executive approval for launching Services Procurement
When it comes to managing your entire non-employee workforce — contractors as well as contingent staff — adopting an effective Services Procurement program is no longer a luxury — it is a business imperative. Now is the right time to add Services Procurement to your program. It all starts with the right business case. Let us show you how. Get your free eBook today.

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