Services Procurement

Today’s extended workforce includes more than just contingent staffing. It also includes a multitude of service categories operating under a variety of complex contractual relationships. Our Services Procurement solution aligns with your organizational processes—so you can more effectively source, negotiate, engage, and manage all kinds of project-based initiatives.

From sourcing and negotiation to engagement management, invoicing, payment, and evaluation, you have a centralized view of the entire process. Analysts rate Beeline’s Services Procurement solution “best imaginable” for its scalable functionality, supporting your project-based initiatives.

Confidently procure the best professional and support service resources at the best prices

  • Reduce risk and enforce compliance by writing SOWs on your terms
  • Streamline workflows by transitioning data automatically, from bid to SOW, and from SOW to project
  • Get all project activity and financial details in a single view
  • Enable quicker decision-making based on real-time project data
  • Ensure quality and cost-effective project deliverables by competitively sourcing
  • Know all consultants working across multiple projects globally
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71% (or more) of companies’ non-employee labor is not actively accounted for in corporate budgeting, planning, or forecasting.
Ardent Partners

The reason for this dramatic shortfall is that many companies fail to centrally or systematically manage their largest source of contingent labor—the contractors whose activities are performed under statement of work (SOW) based contracts. As a result, companies frequently pay their SOW-based service suppliers more than contract terms require. And overpayments are just the tip of the iceberg. Low performance quality, security and compliance risks, missed savings opportunities, and other problems are likely to occur.