Global Financial Services Leader Expands Contingent Staffing and Services Procurement with Beeline VMS

Recognizing the need for a VMS platform that could support their global governance model and maintain the competitiveness of their contingent workforce, this financial services leader turned to Beeline.
  • Complex, multi-country, multi-currency operation with hundreds of staffing suppliers globally
  • Required deep system integration to ensure that all parts of their organization were compliant
  • Wanted intuitive user interface for greater ease-of-first-use to encourage program adoption
  • Beeline centralized sourcing and management of the global non-employee workforce, reducing costs and mitigating compliance risks
According to a client executive, “What put Beeline over the top was a technical discussion with our own technical lead. He said, ‘I think these guys get it.’ Beeline really understood how to solve a big issue our company had, and we didn’t feel comfortable that the other companies really understood it.” Now Beeline provides end-to-end visibility into the contingent workforce to enhance procurement processes, workforce planning, corporate governance, labor relations, and security—and reports back all metrics to the client in measurable ways. For more details, download our Client Success Story.

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