Managing Your Contingent Workforce

More than ever, organizations are relying on the use of contingent labor and project-based labor to complement their permanent workforce. With this trend expected to rise, it is imperative that your organization has full visibility into all segments of your workforce. A Vendor Management System (VMS) can provide the solutions you need. Learn more about a VMS and how you can more effectively manage all categories of your extended workforce.
  • Track your non-employee resources that fall into special categories
  • Reduce risk with the often-overlooked service workers
  • Gain control of your statement of work (SOW) initiatives
Learn how to manage all of your non-employees in one solution. At Beeline, we believe that technology should fit your processes, not the other way around. Why force unnecessary friction with a technology partner that does not meet your needs? Beeline Vendor Management System (VMS) provides a single platform to manage the needs of your non-employees worldwide. The Beeline Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform offers one end-to-end solution across all countries, business units, and categories: temporary workers, professional contractors, project-based consultants, service workers, and freelancers. Learn how our unique product solutions can give you the visibility you need to manage all your non-employees. Download our data sheet today.

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