Payments Leader Upgrades Contingent Staffing in Europe

Recognizing the value of a VMS for managing their contingent workforce in the U.S., this financial technology company and leader in the global payments industry wanted to extend their oversight of European operations. They turned to Beeline.
  • Tracks and manages contingent workers easily and effectively
  • Provides global consistency, while allowing for local currencies and regulations
  • Lets you see who has access to your facilities and data
  • Provides advanced analytic tools to help you ensure best value and make better business decisions
We implemented our VMS in 22 European countries. For the first time, the client has a common platform for managing its non-employee workforce using the same workflows across Europe. Beeline VMS lets them easily adjust their workforce on a country-by-country basis as they shift operations across borders to support their global strategy. To familiarize the client's managers with the system's capabilities, our relationship managers are supporting ongoing training activities and the adoption of the new processes in each country. Working jointly with the client and their MSP, we're establishing a support program to balance global strategy with the client's needs in each local market. In addition to ongoing adoption of our advanced SmartView® analytics to support their growth strategy, the client is exploring options to expand their VMS into other EMEA countries and Asia. For more details, download our Success Story.

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