Post-crisis workforce planning: How is the APAC region preparing for the new world of work?

The world of work in the Asia Pacific region is now profoundly different from what was predicted a year – or even six months – ago. Although we don’t know precisely when we will arrive at a “new normal,” we know three things:
  • The way work is performed will change
  • Change will be unevenly distributed – by industry and geography
  • There will be challenges, but also huge opportunities for companies that possess an agile and resilient workforce.
To succeed in the new, post-crisis world of work, you will need to see your workforce differently – with greater visibility into your employees and non-employees alike – than ever before. Download this webinar recording to learn what steps you can take to prepare for the post-crisis world of work. Moderator: Peter Reagan, CCWP & SOW Mgmt. Expert Senior Director of Contingent Workforce Strategies & Research, SIA Speaker: Bronwen Fitzroy-Ezzy, SVP Sales, Beeline

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