Mobile Workforce Solutions

Workforce management solutions on the go.

As today’s workforce evolves, it is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile technology. Beeline’s mobile connectivity lets users – including your program office, hiring managers, and non employee workers interact with your VMS virtually anywhere, anytime, and on any smart device.


Workers expect the convenience of mobile access to applications. When you extend vendor management system (VMS) access and functionality to your stakeholders and your contingent workforce, the impact is far reaching:

Overall, you will derive more value and make your stakeholders happier with a VMS that provides access to key workforce management functions anywhere, anytime, from any mobile platform.

Approve on the go

Finance departments can approve job requisitions on the go, not just at their desktops and laptops

Measure success frequently

Job, rate, and time-to-fill benchmarks can be measured and updated more frequently across industries, suppliers, job titles, geographies, and time

Live reporting

Contingent workers in the field can report their time via their mobile phones rather than a networked computer, speeding processing and leading to timelier, more accurate reporting

Convenient access

Contingent staff and contractors, especially those operating on irregular schedules and based in a variety of time zones, can access vital assignment information when they need it

  • Consumers spend an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile devices.

  • Mobile Apps account for over 58% of internet traffic and this stat has risen every year since 2009.

  • Consumers are nearly six times more likely to use a mobile app, rather than log onto a website to complete a task.

2019 Perficient Digital Research Study

Contingent workforce management on the go.

Our VMS delivers the information and functionality that matters most to hiring managers, program managers, and contingent workers via their mobile devices. These features include:

Time Entry (Contractor)

A transformative time entry experience—with a few intuitive touches, a contractor can quickly enter and submit time

Mobile Approvals (Hiring Manager)

Beeline provides a centralized view for managers to approve or reject important, actionable items on the go

Push Notifications (Hiring Manager/Contractor)

Dynamic push notifications immediately alert users when action needs to be taken

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The power of AI

This is just a taste of Beeline mobile functionality. As enterprises transform their mobile strategies, we are committed to supporting them with secure, intelligent, exceptionally designed contingent workforce solutions that are accessible anywhere and everywhere.

To meet this goal, we are incorporating AI into our mobile applications. When we say, “AI,” we mean more than just “artificial intelligence.” We are building “assisted intelligence” functionality, such as natural language assistants and chatbots. We are exploring “autonomous intelligence,” the capability of machines that act on their own to anticipate needs and offer suggestions and alternatives.

And we are employing “augmented intelligence” to support human decision-making with data science by instantly extrapolating insight from “big data” and turning complex problems into simple, manageable solutions – anywhere, anytime, on any smart device.

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