Fact sheet

Beeline Analytics provides insights for better decision-making

January 19, 2022

Contingent workforce programs generate vast amounts of data. Now there is a way to convert that data into actionable insights that can substantially improve both your program and your business.

Beeline Analytics’ interactive visual analytics toolkit brings data and metrics together to give you a deeper understanding of your contingent workforce program.

Download this free fact sheet to find out how.

  • Learn how to analyze trends in headcount, rates, and overall spend
  • Understand where bottlenecks exist in your workflows and how to overcome them
  • Read how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover anomalies and identify optimization opportunities

If you are looking for insights into:

  • Program spend
  • Saving opportunities
  • Candidates
  • Requests
  • Offers
  • Cycle times

Beeline Analytics can show you instantly – and graphically – where and how to improve your program.

Program managers can leverage visualization techniques to quickly identify excessive spending, detect workflow bottlenecks, and diagnose program deficiencies.

Using Beeline Analytics’ sophisticated toolkit, you will be able to track, measure, and evaluate your program quickly, and determine the fastest way to elevate your contingent workforce program to Best-in-Class.

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