Fact Sheet

Beeline Self-Sourcing Talent Acquisition

October 14, 2015

Access to quality talent is the most critical component to any successful self-sourcing program. Unlike traditional staffing suppliers and recruiters, Beeline takes a very proactive approach to sourcing talent and building our network—whether it is by implementing new tools or executing impactful strategies. We are always working hard to anticipate the types of workers you will need to source next.

  • Understand how Beeline analytics performs ongoing analysis of the data surrounding opportunities and talent.
  • Learn more about the technology solution built into the Beeline Self-Sourcing platform that searches other job boards for candidates.
  • Read how Beeline utilizes specific marketing and advertising techniques to recruit new talent to the platform.
  • Realize the benefits of referred talent, and how these individuals are invited to join Beeline Talent Network.

Our goal is to provide you with direct access to the qualified and talented professionals you need. As the leading talent exchange and online work platform, Beeline Self-Sourcing allows companies to search for, negotiate with, and engage directly with non-employee talent. Professionals join the Beeline community, a robust and continuously growing network of talent, to enjoy more autonomy in managing their careers and to work with the world’s best companies.

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