Case study

Biopharma Giant Selects Beeline for Global Workforce

March 30, 2017

Using a VMS and MSP together

This innovative biopharmaceutical leader had outgrown its two existing vendor management systems (VMS) and needed a replacement with better technical capabilities and a closer cultural fit with its organization. For consistency, efficiency, and global visibility, it needed to consolidate its program in a single, global VMS. At the same time, the client needed a system that could meet specific local requirements and a VMS provider that could work seamlessly and effectively with three different managed services providers (MSP).  After an exhaustive due diligence program, the client chose Beeline.

  • Learn how our VMS helps this client oversee $200 million in spend and more than 2,300 contingent staffing assignments
  • Read how the system supports more than 3,000 users and incorporates hundreds of suppliers in multiple geographies
  • Understand how the system supports five custom invoice feeds and produces nine custom invoice reports

The VMS system provides sourcing and management support for both contingent staffing and statement of work (SOW) based projects. To develop and implement this complex system, Beeline involved resources in North America, Europe, and Asia, and continues to provide client services and relationship management support in the U.S. and Europe.

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